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Black Friday "Hard" Sale: Save $300 & More

black friday sale for $300 off the phoenix

What's up everyone, the holiday season is upon us. As the festive vibes take over the world, it's time to get your game face on and plan ahead. Everyone knows that Black Friday is the best time to score sweet deals on almost everything you could possibly want. Whether you're looking for a new TV, a sparkling piece of jewelry, or some luxurious skincare products, you can always find amazing discounts. And this year, Get My Phoenix is taking it up a notch with a "hard" sale where you can save $300 AND get a couple of free gifts with it!

black friday sale for the phoenix

Black Friday Discount

The Phoenix is already a game-changer, but it can get even better with $300 off on its regular price: $879. Not only that, but you also get a complimentary 2-year ProGuard and a treatment kit. That's a whole lot of benefits without breaking the bank.

If you guys want to take advantage of this HUGE discount, head over to their website and use code "BFA300". This sale is going on now (11/21/2023) through 11/30/2023.

Discount Details:

Save $300

Use Code: BFA300

Sale Ends: November 30th, 2023

Why The Phoenix

Let's talk about what makes The Phoenix special. It's a Li-ESWT device that works by delivering low-intensity sound waves (also known as shockwaves) to your penis, which can increase blood flow, stimulate nerve growth, and promote tissue repair.

the phoenix

By doing so, it can help men "rise to the occasion" and improve their performance in the bedroom. Until recently, it was only available in clinics or hospitals and would cost a fortune. The Phoenix has changed that by bringing the same technology to your home, at an affordable price.


At $879, The Phoenix is already a steal compared to going into a clinic for the same exact treatment. However, with the Black Friday sale, you can get it for $579 only. That's a whopping 34% discount!

And that's not all. You also get a free 2-year ProGuard, which covers any accidental damage, theft, or malfunction of your device in the first two years.

Additionally, you get a free treatment kit, which includes everything you need for a complete treatment, including lubricants, gels, and cream. With these bonuses, you can save up to $194 more, making it an even better deal.

$300 sale on the phoenix banner

Other Things to Know

If you're still not convinced, here are a few more reasons to consider getting The Phoenix:

  • It comes with a 90-Day Money Back Trial. So if you don't like it after a few months, you can send it back.

  • A 1 year warranty, so if anything happens to the device, you're covered.

  • Having The Phoenix at home means you don't have to visit a clinic or a doctor's office, which can be time-consuming, embarrassing, and expensive.

  • The treatment is non-invasive and painless.

  • Get My Phoenix offers 24/7 expert support, so any questions or concerns you have can be answered promptly.

  • It's easy to set up, straightforward to use, and comes with a user manual.

The Benefits of The Phoenix

The Phoenix is perfect for guys who have the inability to get hard or difficulty staying hard. It literally helps you "rise to the occasion" again.

It's a natural, drug-free, and painless treatment that doesn't have any side effects. You don't have to take any pills, or injections, or undergo any surgeries. You don't have to worry about your heart condition or other medical issues that could interfere with your sexual health.

You can simply relax, listen to music, and let The Phoenix do its magic!

Discount Details:

Save $300

Use Code: BFA300

Sale Ends: November 30th, 2023

My Experience Using The Phoenix

I know it all sounds amazing, but you must be wondering, "Does The Phoenix really work?"

Well, I have personally tried and tested it myself, and let me tell you; it's a game-changer.

Before using The Phoenix, I struggled to get hard and stay hard. It was frustrating for both me and my partner.

rich from bdestyle holding the phoenix for his ed

When I heard about Li-ESWT technology, I was intrigued so I started going into a clinic for the treatments.

However, not only was it insanely expensive (average is around $500 per treatment) but it was embarrassing and a major hassle going in for treatments regularly.

That's when I found out about The Phoenix and decided to give it a try.

And wow, the results have been incredible! I won't go into the fine details in the blog, but if you want to read about it, I wrote about my personal experience in these blogs:

In summary, The Phoenix has helped me improve my sex life significantly and made me feel more confident in the bedroom. It's worth every penny.

Discount Details:

Save $300

Use Code: BFA300

Sale Ends: November 30th, 2023

Other Options for Improving Things In The Bedroom

I highly recommend The Phoenix for guys who struggle with performance issues, such as not being able to get hard to stay hard. But here are a few other things you can do to improve your sex life and overall sexual health:

Wrapping Up

The Phoenix Black Friday sale is an opportunity you shouldn't miss. With $300 off on the regular price, a free 2-year ProGuard plan, and a treatment kit, you can get a Li-ESWT device that is effective, affordable, and convenient.

the phoenix black friday sale advertisement

The Phoenix can help you achieve better sexual health and happiness without any hassle. You can even gift The Phoenix to someone you care about, whether it's your husband, boyfriend, or yourself.

Just remember to use the discount code "BFA300" during the Black Friday sale, which runs from now up until November 30th, 2023.

Let The Phoenix bring the fire back into your bedroom!


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